Radio NEOlea

Radio NEO’s “Radio NEOlea” show, which has held the Saturday afternoon slot on the station’s line-up since October, feels at first like a show about nothing. After an initial listen, some might say it’s simply a couple of young Greek-Americans gathered around a mic shooting the breeze. Upon closer inspection, there’s a feeling that behind the playful laughs and busy banter, something is actually being said. Therein lies the magic of this show which is so masterfully arranged that it manages to entertain and inform while appearing completely effortless, fun, and full of surprises. In fact, Radio NEOlea is a 2-hour talk radio show that cleverly talks about everything under the sun, inspired by topics and events that are current and relevant to young Greeks-Americans in NYC and across the US.

A certain courage is required to navigate a live and uncensored program that insists on being a bona fide window on the Greek-American world. And perhaps even more so, a certain chemistry on air is what will ultimately keep listeners engaged and wanting more. I, Callie Lappas, and Peter Antiaris, co-hosts of Radio NEOlea, were the likely team selected to do just that. As active members of the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals group, we were an obvious choice to co-host a program that would speak directly to Greek professionals in the NYC area. By merging the enthusiasm and curiosity of youth with the experience of true veterans in the Greek-American life, Pete and I easily maintain a delicate balance of blending humor and social commentary each week for their audience.

Radio NEOlea is the ultimate destination for young Greek-American listeners in the NY area and beyond seeking something different. The show strives to be both an entertaining and informative program in which its hosts are decidedly real, raw, and authentic. With each show Radio NEOlea brings a fresh and diverse selection of original programs with topics ranging from the serious headlines in Greece and U.S. to the sometimes silly but often fascinating “mati” and “proxenia” stories of the Greek world. Radio NEOlea engages listeners with creative topics geared toward young Greek-Americans, with unique commentary, irreverent humor…and much, much more! Some of the consistent segments include things like “Greek Word of the Day”, “Headlines”, and “Calendar of Greek Events in NYC”.

Listeners can tune in to Radio NEOlea live every Saturday from 12pm-2pm EST on In addition, you can enjoy the show On-The-Go from the WWG application on iPhones and Android phones. To learn more, join their Facebook page “HACCYP Radio Neolea” and receive weekly notifications on upcoming show topics.