Ligo Ap’Ola

Kally Glotsos, Eleni Skaris and I, Katherine Skaris, host a show every Saturday 6-8pm on Radio Neo. Bringing listeners new music, and new topics every week, our show literally is about a “little bit of everything.”

Each week we have a “Question of The Week” posted on our Facebook page (NeoRadio Koritsia). It is in this way that we engage listeners of our show to give us their perspectives on situations; while many call in during our show, those that are shy, can post their responses on our wall.

We then recount all interesting answers live, offering our own point of views on the topics.

Our goal is to keep listeners entertained and engaged in all our conversations. Thus, we discuss everything from superpowers, to breakups, to best spots to eat, and include questions such as “If you were the opposite sex for 24 hours what would you do?” or even “What is the best/worst pick up lines you have heard?”

In addition to our weekly topics, we have various and new guests each week.

From singers, to DJs, to bands, to writers, we hope to introduce our listeners to new personas as well as have guests they admire and love. In 2010, hailing from New York, singer/songwriter Derek James and front man Nicholas Mancuso of Spaceman Radio were two of the guests that kicked off our show. DJ Alex Kouros was also present, mixing hot new tracks, and even discussing his influences and how he became a DJ.
PR Executive Jamie Panas of Guinness World Records not only explained how one becomes a record holder, but touched upon some of the most interesting records of 2011.

She ended the show by giving away two of the 2011 books to listeners. In addition, we had XFactor contestant Vincent Kavallieratos come in and recount his experiences on ANT1’s hit show. Our closing guest of 2010 was Greek HipHop sensation Stavento.

Mixali and Cleopatra discussed their stay in New York, their show at Central Lounge in Astoria on Christmas Eve, and finally their songwriting process. In 2011 we have many surprise guests coming up so stay tune each week for our announcements.