Kalimera L.A.!

Live from Los Angeles, Monday-Friday 9am PST (12 pm EST), hosted by Joanna Xipa, and replayed again at 9pm PST (12am EST).  We don’t often hear about what the Greeks in Wild West are up to, yet they’ve been busy making a name for themselves since the turn of the century, not only in Hollywood but also in their surrounding communities.  It’s about time we showcase them to the rest of the world!

With a dash of the hottest Greek hits, a pinch of our lighthearted humor, and of course a daily dose of Greek-American guest speakers as well, you’ll also have your chance to call in and add a breath of fresh air to the mix!  By calling into the live airing of the show during the 9 o’clock morning hour (PST), you can finally have your voices, ideas and events heard! (both locally & around the world!)

Produced with the intent of bridging the gap between vast Greek communities throughout the West Coast, we’re so excited to bring to you the people, places and events that make the Hellenes & Phil-Hellenes in California and surrounding states so unique, wild and exciting!  With the innate love of everything Greek burning from deep within, stemming from our hostess’ hometown spirit of the world famous Danforth Ave of Toronto, we intend to show you that no mountains or oceans are too big for crossing over now, to unite us all from around the world!

So feel free to call in to our L.A. morning hour by dialing our studio line directly at (310)-598-7312 or calling us for free via Skype after adding “KalimeraLA” by Radio NEO to your contacts.   It will give you all a chance to shout out to your loved ones with birthday wishes, wedding announcements, or even last minute reminders of your events going on the very same evening!  You may also email me your news items or events that you’d like me to announce, beforehand, directly to jx@radioNEO.us

Don’t be shy!  Feel free to speak in either Greek, English or even Grenglish if you will!  Won’t that be interesting?  Nobody’s going to mock you for trying!  So, fire up the ‘mbriki’ if you will, make mine a ‘metrio’, sit down and enjoy with me, ‘enan Elliniko kafe!’