HBN Business Forum

The HBN (Hellenic Business Network) Business Forum airs Saturdays, from 4:00 to 6:00PM, EST, seeks to establish a greater awareness of the social and economic advancement of all Hellenes and Philhellenes, while recognizing, unifying and strengthening the Hellenic values, and the power the community has to enhance its future.

The program has two segments: The first (from 4:00 to 5:00PM), hosted by Alex Elios and Dean Polites, focuses on business news, interviews with people from the industry, discussion of major developments in the economic and entrepreneurial world and the occasional debate between the hosts on the state of the US economy.

The second segment (5:00 to 6:00PM) is presented by Marina Rodopoulos and is devoted to arts & culture, an aspect that forms an integral part of HBN’s activities. Besides a huge variety of musical themes, the program contains background information on the performers and the song selections, interviews and every now and then live in-studio shows!

The objective of the Hellenic Business Network is to mobilize the expertise and resources available within our community to advance the long-term socio-economic interests of all Hellenes and Philhellenes. Our approach is to provide a common forum for fostering, promoting, and advancing the professional interests of all Hellenes through education, networking, industry specific initiatives, continuous professional development and public relations initiatives.

Throughout the year, HBN conducts networking symposia, professional development programs, cultural activities and membership development initiatives designed to provide opportunities for sharing information about Hellenic professional and entrepreneurial activities, exchanging ideas and experiences, and learning new methods and approaches from experts and colleagues. Our emphasis is on continuous professional education and advancement, and leadership by example.

For more information on the Hellenic Business Network, visit their website at www.hbngroup.org